Constance Annie: 1889

Constance Annie HerbertConstance Annie Caddy is the 4th child of James Ryan Caddy and Anne Carson.
Birth: 1 Mar 1889 Fremantle, Western Australia
Died: 26 Dec 1966 (age 77) Northampton, Western Australia
Burial: Utakarra Cemetery, Geraldton, Western Australia

Married: James Harold HERBERT (1885-1943)
Date: 5 Oct 1910 (age 21) Perth, Western Australia Continue reading

History of the Census

census is a systematic procedure for recording information about the members of a given household. It is a regularly occurring and official count of the population.

The first census of New South Wales was taken in November 1828. Its purpose was to record all inhabitants of the colony, both convicts and free settlers. Censuses were taken in 1833, 1836, 1841, 1846, 1851, 1856, and 1861. Beginning in 1901 they were conducted once every ten years, however few of them still exist. The 1828 census is the only complete Australian census that has survived to present day.  [Ref:] Therefore, we will not find our Caddy’s on any census records in Australia. Continue reading

Known Caddy’s from Ireland

Descendants of John CADDY place of birth unknown

Below is a list of Caddy descendants that I have in my family tree. Hover over the names with links to see their individual summaries.

1-John CADDY
|-2-Henry CADDY
   +Mary BULGER
  |-3-Joseph CADDY
  |  +Margaret LEAN
  | |-4-Thomas Edward CADDY
  |    +Ellen RYAN
  |   |-5-Joseph CADDY
  |   |  +Emma Jane UNKNOWN
  |   | |-6-Annie Muriel CADDY
  |   |-5-James Ryan CADDY
  |   |  +Ann CARSON
  |   | |-6-Thomas Hollingsworth CADDY
  |   | |  +Edith Mary CANNON
  |   | |-6-Constance Mary Ellen CADDY
  |   | |-6-James Horatio CADDY
  |   | |-6-Constance Annie CADDY
  |   | |  +James Harold HERBERT
  |   | | |-7-James Albany HERBERT
  |   | | |  +Florence Adrienne NYMAN
  |   | | | |-8-Vilma Jean HERBERT
  |   | | | |-8-Newton James HERBERT
  |   | | |-7-Harold Newton HERBERT
  |   | | |  +Molly GILBERT
  |   | | | |-8-Glenys Anne HERBERT
  |   | | | |-8-Brian Newton HERBERT
  |   | | | |-8-Allan Frank HERBERT
  |   | | | |-8-Helen Ivy HERBERT
  |   | | |-7-Dulcie Patricia HERBERT
  |   | | |  +Charles Thomas CRIPPS
  |   | | | |-8-Garry Charles CRIPPS
  |   | | | |-8-Peter Harold CRIPPS
  |   | | | |-8-Robin David CRIPPS
  |   | | | |-8-Jennifer Patricia CRIPPS
  |   | | |-7-Raymond John HERBERT
  |   | |    +Elwyn GORDON
  |   | |   |-8-Raymond John HERBERT
  |   | |   |-8-Terrance James HERBERT
  |   | |   |-8-Dianne Loraine HERBERT
  |   | |   |-8-Roberta Catherine HERBERT
  |   | |   |-8-Richard HERBERT
  |   | |   |-8-Leanne Francis HERBERT
  |   | |   |-8-Fiona Angeline HERBERT
  |   | |-6-Florence CADDY
  |   | |-6-John William Victor CADDY
  |   | |  +Annie WATSON
  |   | | |-7-Nancy CADDY
  |   | |    +J L D CHAPMAN
  |   | |   |-8-John CHAPMAN
  |   | |-6-Vera Mary CADDY
  |   | |-6-William Henry CADDY
  |   | |-6-Norman G Trent CADDY
  |   | |-6-Albert Edward CADDY
  |   | |-6-Reginald CADDY
  |   | |  +Ruth Margurite JONES
  |   | | |-7-John Reginald CADDY
  |   | |    +Rosalie Ann BATTYE
  |   | |   |-8-David John CADDY
  |   | |   |-8-Simon James CADDY
  |   | |   |-8-Stephen Mark CADDY
  |   | |-6-Edwin Canna CADDY
  |   |    +Unknown
  |   |   |-7-Haldane CADDY
  |   |      +Sue GREEN
  |   |     |-8-Leigh CADDY
  |   |     |-8-Shane CADDY
  |   |     |-8-Alison CADDY
  |   |      +Tracy COVERLEY
  |   |     |-8-Matthew CADDY
  |   |     |-8-Andrew CADDY
  |   |-5-Thomas Edward CADDY
  |   |-5-William Henry CADDY
  |   |-5-Mary Ellen CADDY
  |   |  +Unknown WARNER
  |   |-5-Jane Ann CADDY
  |      +William James FEWKES
  |-3-Edward CADDY
  |  +Anna Harriet (Henoria) MORGAN
  |-3-Mary CADDY
  |  +Phirls ARCHIBOLD
  |  +Hugh McPHERSON
  |-3-Robert CADDY
  |-3-William Henry CADDY
   +Manning MARY

Vital Records

Civil registration is the system by which a government records the vital events of its citizens and residents. The resulting repository or database is called civil register or registry, or population registry. The primary purpose of civil registration is to create legal documents that are used to establish and protect the civil rights of individuals. A secondary purpose is to create a data source for the compilation of vital statistics. In most countries, there is a legal requirement to notify the relevant authority of any life event which affects the registry.

Vital events that are typically recorded include live birth, death, foetal death, marriage, divorce, annulment of marriage, judicial separation of marriage, adoption, legitimization and recognition. Among the legal documents that are derived from civil registration are birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates. [Ref:]

As we progress, I will add details of Birth, Christenings, Deaths, Church Records and Marriages that I have collected during my research. Some have been shared with me by Wendy Chapman, of Victoria.

What a Find!

It’s been a while since I blogged on the Caddy page but I wanted to share these little treasures with you. Recently my cousin John contacted me to say he was going to visit his father and scan his photo collection. I’m all for getting old photos scanned, not only to preserve them with digital technology, but also that they can be shared within the family. How many photos do we have locked away that have not seen the light of day in many a year, and no one would even know that we have them. Do you have any photos to share?

Continue reading

A Time Past

I am writing this post on the WordPress app as we travel back from Perth to Geraldton on Boxing Day after spending Christmas with our daughters, their partners and the grandchildren. It was while I was travelling that the realisation hit me that it is 47 years ago today, 26 December 1966, since my nanna Herbert (Caddy) passed away suddenly at my parents farm of Mumby, Northampton. My brother Peter and I were still having breakfast when she suddenly collapsed on the floor at the kitchen sink. We were 10 & 12 years old at the time. That day rocked my boat and I’ve never forgotten it.

Continue reading

Jane Ann: 1867

 Jane Ann CADDY is the youngest of the children of Thomas Edward Caddy and Ellen Caddy. As we’ve already learned from previous posts, Thomas and Ellen got into some trouble with the law about the time the 2nd daughter Mary Ellen was born and now we find that Jane Ann is born in Wiltshire at 33 Westcott Place, New Swindon. (See image below) Why did they move to Wiltshire? Did life get too complicated for them in Cheshire? We could probably surmise that it did. Thomas is still an iron moulder at this time, however on Jane’s certificate are the words “journeyman” in parenthesis. Continue reading

Nottingham Church Cemetery

I was very excited a few weeks ago, when Kylie Chapman contacted me with details of The Rock Cemetery where she had found that Thomas Edward Caddy and his wife Eleanor Caddy (Ryan) were both buried there, along with their third son, Thomas Caddy AND that the stones were still in existence. There were several photos online, but unfortunately not ours and it didn’t look like they were going to appear anytime soon. Fortunately, I am still in contact with a fellow historian who used to live here in Geraldton, but has now returned to his home country of England. John Mellors does some research for people and will take orders for certificates and sends them out to us.

I knew that he also had research interests in the Nottingham area, so I emailed him to see if he was going to be visiting Nottingham anytime in the near future and if so, would he have time to visit The Rocks Cemetery and take some photos for us. John was very obliging and in a matter of weeks, I had an inbox with these glorious photos of the gravestones of Thomas, Eleanor and son Thomas. All are buried in the same plot.  I can’t believe I was in Nottingham and 1998 and did not know about this cemetery. It would have been fantastic to visit there.

So when would the stone have been erected? At the time of Thomas jnr’s burial in 1894? If so, that makes this gravestone 119 years old and he passed way, exactly 119 years ago on the 5th of this month! The stone appears to be in fairly good condition except for the hands of the angel are missing and the death date for Thomas Edward snr, however it could be that it is below the grassline. We do know that he died 17 April 1908 in Bulwell, Nottinghamshire.

The Church Cemetery was first opened in 1856 and is referred to as The Rock Cemetery by local people because of the sandstone rocks and caves on which it is built. Situated on the junction of Forest Road and Mansfield Road, the cemetery adjoins the Forest Recreation Ground which once formed the start of the great Sherwood Forest of the Robin Hood tales. Here is a link to a You Tube video showing more of The Rock Cemetery.

Rock Cemetery

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